Best Covers For Xiaomi Mi 11x

After buying a new smartphone, buying a new cover for the phone is also important so that the accidental fall doesn’t ruin its looks or its functioning.

Hence here is a list of ” Best Covers for Xiaomi Mi 11x″ you can buy to protect your smartphone from the accidental drops & daily day to day wear. The article is divided into 2 sections.

The first section includes premium back covers which not only give the ultimate protection you ever need for your smartphone but also compliment the looks of the smartphone. The second section includes the back covers which are affordable. Although they won’t be a one time investment types (like premium covers) and may last for a year or two but considering the price point if selected carefully, they can prove to be value for money back covers.

1. Best Covers For Xiaomi Mi 11x: Premium

The below covers/ cases for Xiaomi Mi 11x are priced between Rs 800 – Rs 1500.

Name Best FeaturesBuying Link
Nillkin Frosted Shield Ultra Thin Hard Plastic Back Cover– Premium & quality cover
– Hard snugged back case
– Long lasting and ultimate protection

2. Best Covers For Xiaomi Mi 11x: Affordable

The below covers/ cases for Xiaomi Mi 11x are priced between Rs 100 – Rs 600.

NameBest FeaturesBuying Link
Osophter Flexible Shockproof TPU Back Cover Case– For the people who love plain cases
– Anti slip, Anti fingerprint technology
– Value for money case
TheGiftKart Tough Armor Bumper Back Case Cover– For people who want tough looks
– Included with stand and ring holder
TheGiftKart Shockproof Crystal Clear Back Cover Case – Crystal clear back panel 
– Black bumper edge protection
– More trendy looking than transparent cases
TheGiftKart Genuine Leather Finish Flip Back Cover– 360 degree protection
– Inbuilt leathered card holder
– Magnet closure


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